Politics A Hot Topic

Well, I have been trying to decide how to approach this subject because everyone knows in business you are not supposed to talk about politics, religion or well, you know.

I think what ever side you support republican, or democrat everyone has to agree on one thing. We are experiencing history! For the first time we have a woman vice presidential candidate and the first African-American  presidential candidate for the most powerful office in our land! I have been inspired, and uplifted by this political race.

I am looking forward to watching the final debate tonight to listen to them one more time. I have made my decision on who I am going to vote for, but I must admit that both sides have some very intelligent and promising ideas for change.

Then, before we know it, we will have a new president with new ideas and plans for our wonderful country.

About Lisa Marchant

I enjoy assisting people in finding their new home or investment property. I want to be their trusted advisor when it comes to learning more about the process of buying, selling and relocating to our area. It is my number one goal to provide exceptional service to everyone I work with. Having lived in Deaver and Cowley Wyoming since childhood I am very knowledgeable about the area and enjoy sharing that knowledge with those making Wyoming their new home. I am a full time real estate agent working for Johnson Home and Land. I joined the staff at Johnson Home and Land in March of 2003, beginning as the office secretary and personal assistant. I got my real estate license in February of 2005. I am a member of the Northwest Wyoming Board of REALTORS, Wyoming Association of REALTORS, the National Association of REALTORS, and locally a board member of the Lovell Chamber of Commerce.
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