Remember Chicken Little?


Me too? With a preschooler still in our midst I read it several times a week. Each time I hear the media tell me how low consumer confidence is or about another drop in the stock market or that cooperate earnings are down it’s like another acorn dropping on our heads. I always felt bad for Chicken Little because the poor thing really did think the sky was falling.

I don’t mean to make light of what is happening in our economy because I know people that have been hurt by these shifting sands. Wyoming is in much better shape than most of the country and I don’t take that for granted. We have all been affected by these economic challenges and I certainly don’t deny they exist.

I do think it is important to remember that there have always been and will always be large and small fluctuations in our markets and our national and global economies. If these adjustments cause us to keep better track of our finances and look for ways to save I think that is a positive. If we take time to remember that the best things on earth are not “things” then we can say with confidence the sky is not falling.

About Sarah Johnson

Johnson Home and Land is a small but active real estate firm in rural northwest Wyoming. We are an experienced team of professionals who want to walk along side you in your housing journey. If you are thinking about buying, selling, renting or investing we are here to help. Contact us at or 307-548-6909
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