Let’s take a walk

I joined the fitness center, Better Body Fitness, here in Lovell and got back to walking. I love to go for a walk in the warmer months outdoors, but the gym is excellent now that it has gotten colder outside. They have something for everyone. If you haven’t done it yet, check it out, you will get hooked on it like I am. I usually go with my family. They keep me motivated. My favorite thing to do at the gym is the treadmill.

 First of all, start out slow and easy. You might only be able to do just a few minutes the first time, but that is okay! Do this every day for a week. Keep up the great work and add to your time each week and you will be going farther than you thought you could in no time!

Here are some simple tricks that I have done and they have made a big difference for me:

Be sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after walking.

Include a warm up, cool down and stretching into your routine.

Remember what your mom always said and think about your posture. Walk tall. Think of elongating your body. Hold your head up and eyes forward. Your shoulders should be down, back and relaxed. Tighten your abdominal muscles and rear and fall into a natural stride.

Start your walk at a slow warm up pace. Then walk for the desired length of time. Mix it up by raising and lowering the incline on the treadmill, and maybe even jog when you get your time built up. End your walk with the slower cool down pace and stretch well after your walk. Stretching will make you feel great and help in injury prevention.

If you are walking for the general health benefits try to walk 30 minutes a day, most days of the week, at a “talking” pace. Talking pace means you have elevated breathing, but you can still carry a conversation.

To improve cardiovascular fitness you should walk 3 to 4 days a week, 20 to 30 minutes at a very fast pace. At this pace you are breathing hard but not gasping for air.

If you are walking for weight loss you should walk a minimum of five days a week, 45 to 60 minutes at a brisk pace.

Be sure to check with your doctor for advice before you begin any exercise routine.





About Lisa Marchant

I enjoy assisting people in finding their new home or investment property. I want to be their trusted advisor when it comes to learning more about the process of buying, selling and relocating to our area. It is my number one goal to provide exceptional service to everyone I work with. Having lived in Deaver and Cowley Wyoming since childhood I am very knowledgeable about the area and enjoy sharing that knowledge with those making Wyoming their new home. I am a full time real estate agent working for Johnson Home and Land. I joined the staff at Johnson Home and Land in March of 2003, beginning as the office secretary and personal assistant. I got my real estate license in February of 2005. I am a member of the Northwest Wyoming Board of REALTORS, Wyoming Association of REALTORS, the National Association of REALTORS, and locally a board member of the Lovell Chamber of Commerce.
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4 Responses to Let’s take a walk

  1. jyld says:

    Lisa, what an encouraging article…especially this time of year! In the warmer weather I was walking nearly daily, but now that it’s gotten dark so early and is getting “chillier” every week, I’ve chickened out. You’ve got me thinking about getting back at it. I know I certainly feel better and have more energy when I’m in the walking routine. However, WALKING INDOORS may be easier now…hospitals, malls, and some schools in nearly every town have early morning or evening walking programs. Weather and daylight are no excuse for not walking! I guess I’ll get going, too!


  2. DeAnna Calvin says:

    I too used to walk every day until it got too dark to walk in the mornings. I need to get back at it and to know others have to deal with the same problems makes it easier to face somehow. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Sarah says:

    I agree. It’s especially challenging in the winter. I’m looking forward to getting back to my routine at Better Body Fitness as well.


  4. Jared Wormington says:

    Lisa, I like to walk until the cookies I’m eating run out then I have to stop and go to the kitchen for more! Keep going Im rooting for U, Jared


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