Christmas Trees

This year, how about a new adventure?  A wonderful outdoor experience that will provide lasting memories is to go into our beautiful Big Horn Mountains or any National Forest to select and cut your own Christmas tree.  It sounds easy and fun.

The first step is visiting the Lovell Visitors Center or any U.S. Forest Service office and purchasing your $8 permit which comes with information about cutting your tree.  This allows you to cut a tree up to 20′ tall.  Be sure you don’t cut in wilderness areas, marked timber sale areas, or within 300′ of campgrounds, lodges, summer homes, private land, ranger stations.  Have a great time!  The tree you select will truly be a special tree!

Merry Christmas!

About Jyl Duffy

I love being a REALTOR and Office Administrator for Johnson Home and Land. There's no place like home here in Wyoming. This is home even though I enjoyed living in Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Carolina previously. With my husband, Dave, when we're not busy working we enjoy our Christian activities and being out of doors fly fishing, camping, golfing or snow shoeing. Wyoming is the best place to be for our active outdoor lifestyle.
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3 Responses to Christmas Trees

  1. It's Me says:

    This was one of my favorite things to do when I was growning up. Sometimes we came home with the saddest looking tree, but once we had all of our treasured ornaments on it, it was the most beautiful tree we had ever seen. Those family memories we stay with me forever!


  2. Sarah says:

    I’m sad to say we have resorted in recent years to an artificial tree. I have always been a fresh tree kind of person but for several years in a row our tree was dead long before New Year’s in spite of trying every trick we knew of. I was still vacuuming up dead pine needles in JUNE, so I relented and went fake. I hope to go back to fresh trees….the pine spray and Christmas Wreath scented candles are just not the same.


  3. DeAnna Calvin says:

    I loved going on the annual tree hunting expedition and finding the “right” tree whether the deciding factor was that it was truly a beautiful tree or the cold had finally taken it’s toll on us all and we were willing to just get a tree at that point any tree to be exact just as long as we could get in out of the cold again. We usually spent the day on sleds and snowmobiles during our tree finding trip so it was always a fun day. We ended the outing with homemade chili and hot choc and singing Christmas Carols all the way home. Oh, such good childhood memories!


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