December Lovell Chamber Meeting

The guest speaker at this month’s meeting was Dianne DiJenno, Center Supervisor, with Wyoming Department of Workforce Services.

It was a very interesting presentation and as usual Jyl, Lisa and I learned new things about what’s happening in our local area and state.  Diane introduced several programs that her agency provides to the benefit of both employers and employees.  One wonderful program is geared toward helping employees that have been laid off get specialized training for other positions.  This helps them acquire a new set of career skills and find employment without having to leave their communities.   There are also programs that pay for employees  “on the job training,”  assist individuals with resume building and interview skills as well as 100% funding for employees to hire high school aged people for up to 400 hours a year.

There were several other programs mentioned all of which I did not even know existed until today.  Today this agency barely resembles the “job service” of years ago.  It sounds to me like they have seen what is needed in our state and have implemented programs to fit the needs of the employers and employees.  As always we are glad we attended.

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3 Responses to December Lovell Chamber Meeting

  1. DeAnna Calvin says:

    I am so glad that you have another format for sharing information that you learn at local events. Sometimes I feel so out of touch and any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to share with me.


  2. Roxanne Ostlund says:

    I am in Cheyenne, but have heard Workforce talks here. They offer a lot of valuable things – it is VERY IMPORTANT to do the followup paperwork however, or what is giveth can be taketh away . . . har. I would like to say something clever, but that would require me to BE clever, hence, I am just bland, and it is the end of the workday. Which also explains why I’m messing around on a blog log instead of working?
    MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone!!!!


  3. Sarah Johnson says:

    Thanks Roxanne for the heads up and for stopping by our blog. We really have fun with it as you can tell.


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