Excitement Fills the Air in Cowley

There is so much going on in Cowley these days it’s hard to know where to start. The $6.6 million Cowley Streets Improvement Project will get underway on Monday. Currently Cowley’s Main street through town is a 4 lane with a center median. As I understand, it will be replaced with a 3 lane set up which includes a turning lane. The project also includes new sidewalk, curb, gutter and landscaping. In a little over a year our little town will have had an extreme makeover. The disruption will be a hassle especially for those living on Main Street but Cowleyites have a way of doing what it takes for the greater good of the community. I have been so encouraged by the positive attitudes of those who are attending the Town meetings. Several Main Street home owners have mentioned that they feel like they are on a first name basis with some of the WYDOT (Wyoming Department of Transportation) officials.

Here is a photo taken today of some other new happenings in town.


This is the site of new Rocky Mountain Middle/High School facility. The foundation is in and everyday when I drive by I see progress. I am very excited about this school. My oldest daughter will be in the first graduating class to attend all four high school years in the new building. My younger daughter will be in the first graduating class to attends the entire 6th -12th grade years AND my baby boy will most likely be in the first class to go all the way through in Cowley from preschool through graduation since the early 80’s.   Class of 2024?   Yikes!

In the back ground of this photo is the brand new Legion base ball field and Cowley’s beautiful new subdivision, Steven’s Memorial Estates, with new houses going up left and right.

I’m not a native but my husband has lived here almost all his life and I couldn’t hand pick a better place to raise my family.

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1 Response to Excitement Fills the Air in Cowley

  1. DeAnna Calvin says:

    I think Patience and Kindness to all and each other will be the by words throughout all the changes that are happening in our little town. It will be wonderful when it is all done, and of course we all know it has to get worse to get better, right?


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