dandelionAhh… Spring has finally arrived. I know this because I have a sea of yellow in my yard. What I once thought of as a pretty flower as a child has now become a “issue” in my yard. Dandelions are taking over!   My challenge this year is to attempt to control the sea of dandelions!

 Dandelions are difficult to permanently remove because of their long tap root. Here are some alternative methods to get rid of dandelions without the use of pesticides:

The Hard Way: by hand, pull up each dandelion from the root. Make sure to get the entire root or the dandelion will come back. There is a tool at your hardware store just for this job. It looks similar to a screw driver but has a hook on the end to remove the weed and root.

Mow them: remove the heads from the dandelions while they are still yellow flowers; preventing them from getting to the germination phase (a puffball of a thousand seeds) can slow dandelion spreading.

Corn Gluten: apply corn gluten to your lawn each year and it will suppress dandelion growth as well as the growth of other weeds; you can order your non-toxic, weed killing corn gluten in a 6 lb or 20 lb bag on-line. I’m going to check locally too, I will get back to you on that with the price and location.  

Vinegar: use vinegar that is at least 15-25% acetic, household vinegar will not work. It is not strong enough, it is 5-10% acetic.

Using Weed Sprays

Honestly, this is my preferred method. I’m working on being more “green”, so this year I’m using a combination of the two approaches.

Many herbicides (especially 2,4,D) have been shown to be both effective and safe when used properly.

Using not so harmful herbicides: either spray on a little 2,4,D or use “weed-n-feed” or it’s equivalent on your lawn. The 2,4,D is an herbicide that kills broad leafed plants which of course includes dandelions. The 2,4,D breaks down within a relatively short period of time and there is no residual effect, but there are those who oppose 2,4,D. This can be found at any hardware, or  lawn & garden store.

Good luck! I’ll let you know how my battle goes. I’m just excited that the weather is warm and the sun is shinning. I’m ready for a beautiful yard and garden this year!

About Lisa Marchant

I enjoy assisting people in finding their new home or investment property. I want to be their trusted advisor when it comes to learning more about the process of buying, selling and relocating to our area. It is my number one goal to provide exceptional service to everyone I work with. Having lived in Deaver and Cowley Wyoming since childhood I am very knowledgeable about the area and enjoy sharing that knowledge with those making Wyoming their new home. I am a full time real estate agent working for Johnson Home and Land. I joined the staff at Johnson Home and Land in March of 2003, beginning as the office secretary and personal assistant. I got my real estate license in February of 2005. I am a member of the Northwest Wyoming Board of REALTORS, Wyoming Association of REALTORS, the National Association of REALTORS, and locally a board member of the Lovell Chamber of Commerce.
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6 Responses to Dandelions

  1. Sarah Johnson says:

    Thanks for the tips Lisa. We struggle more with thistle in our yard which is a tough weed as well but with (my husband’s) patience and perseverance it gets better every year.


  2. Cherie Wambeke says:

    I have the same problem! Also trying to be “greener” so thank you for the tips. The reason your blog caught my eye is that my Uncle (who recently passed away and is now with the love of his life) used to give my Aunt flowers and guess what they were? “DANDELIONS!” I always thought that it was kind of neat. I remember when she passed away he brought her dandelions at the grave site and would go often to the cemetary and bring them to her. I enjoyed reading all of the blogs on your site! Thank you for including me & you ladies have a great day!!



  3. Thanks Cherie for sharing your story. Your uncle sounds like he was a true sweetheart!


  4. DeAnna Calvin says:

    I too have many dandelions in my yard this year and we choose a weed and feed application. I am sure willing to try some of your other ideas tho, some of which I had never heard of. Thanks for the good info.


  5. Jared Wormington says:

    Colored concrete!! Green brown or what ever you like. No pesticides needed and it is also” green” because you are not mowing grass all summer burning gas and contributing to global warming. It will also save you some “green” if you are currently paying the neighbor kid to mow your yard. But if you really like a nice lawn u should move to Missouri where it rains and grass grows like crazy. When u come bring your mower and u can mow my lawn every week. Jared W


  6. Funny Jared! Robert said the same thing! I burned up my electric weed eater, that’s a bad sign this early on. It was shooting flames and everything, now that’s a big sign of hard work! Ha….


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