Why Rent? It is time to Own A Home!

house keysThe Great American Dream is home ownership! Now is an excellent time to buy with all of the wonderful and exciting loan programs available. The interest rates are historically low.
With so many affordable homes in our area, you could be making a house payment instead of paying rent.  
Nationally rent increases yearly at an average of 3%, With that, if you were paying $800 a month or $9,600 yearly, it would go up to $9,888 in just 12 months!
We all know how time goes by so quickly, as soon as 3 years you would have paid your landlord over $29,672.00.
That is a lot of money that you could have invested in your home that would be building equity. You can use that equity to move up and buy a larger home or one that has more features. In our area of Wyoming homes are increasing in value at an average of 3% – 5% annually. It is a nice steady investment that will build in your favor when you sell if you care for your house and put in a little sweat equity of your own.
Talk to us and we can show you the loan programs available. We will help you every step of the way. We can help you connect with the right loan officer in our area. They will help to get you qualified for the loan program that works best for you. We will work together to find your Home, and invest in your future.

About Lisa Marchant

I enjoy assisting people in finding their new home or investment property. I want to be their trusted advisor when it comes to learning more about the process of buying, selling and relocating to our area. It is my number one goal to provide exceptional service to everyone I work with. Having lived in Deaver and Cowley Wyoming since childhood I am very knowledgeable about the area and enjoy sharing that knowledge with those making Wyoming their new home. I am a full time real estate agent working for Johnson Home and Land. I joined the staff at Johnson Home and Land in March of 2003, beginning as the office secretary and personal assistant. I got my real estate license in February of 2005. I am a member of the Northwest Wyoming Board of REALTORS, Wyoming Association of REALTORS, the National Association of REALTORS, and locally a board member of the Lovell Chamber of Commerce.
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