Our Quiet Little Town Comes to Life!

This past week was Mustang Days in Lovell.  Affectionately referred to by locals as  “Lovell’s Day”.  The Saturday during the Mustang Days celebration really is LOVELL’S DAY to shine.  I love parades and can’t decide if I enjoy being in a parade or being a spectator best….it’s a toss up.  Parades are a taste of Americana at it’s best.  I tear up every single time I see the military come by with our American flag. I love to watch the parade-goers as they stop in mid-sentence,  jump to their feet, remove their hats and cross their hearts out of love and respect for our country.

Next come our friends, neighbors, business owners, political candidates, marching bands, dance teams, rodeo clubs and all the rest of the hoopla.  I think I have blogged about it before but I still can’t get over how fun it is to watch the reaction of the crowd as Lisa and I pass by in her Dad’s hot rod.  The little boys are my favorite and right after their little eyes light up they say….”nice ride!!!”   It makes me want to give them all the candy I have left in my bag…..but I wouldn’t do that to their parents….ha!  The reaction of the grown men is kinda cute too.  They always tell Lisa to “wind it up” and they are just itching to hear the engine roar.   Next time….I am going to bring my camera with me and take photos of the crowd from my perspective inside the car because some of the moments are just priceless.

Rich Wormington's 1930 Sedan Hot Rod

There are hundreds of people wandering around after the parade talking to old friends and meeting new people.  Our normally quiet little town is literally busting at the seams with life, laughter and fun.  There was no shortage of things to do all week but Saturday is the grand finale of Lovell’s special week.

After the parade my family and I headed out to Horseshoe Bend and lounged out at the lake all afternoon.  It was SO FUN.  We watched the kids swim and play, had a picnic complete with potato salad (thanks mom), watermelon and fried chicken.   Anticipation built as we waited for the fireworks to kick off.   They were so great.  Photos never do justice to fireworks but they were very good.

My little guy playing at the "beach"...Wyoming style

Every little American town has their special day, festival, fair or celebration.   If you are a local tell us what your favorite part of Mustang Days is.  If not….. what’s your favorite part of your town’s special day?  We’d love to hear from you.

Sarah Johnson

About Sarah Johnson

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4 Responses to Our Quiet Little Town Comes to Life!

  1. Sarah Johnson says:

    My favorite part of “Cowley’s Day” once again is the parade. When I was growing up in Powell I used to love the street dance they would have during Homesteader Days. In Green River, WY….I remembering loving the Flaming George Days Rodeo. In small town West Virginia where I still have family…their town’s each have a Fireman’s festival. The live music was probably my favorite there as well. Every few years we go to Cody, Wy for the 4th of July. It’s probably the best parade in Wyoming. How about you???


    • Sharon Johnson says:

      Enjoyed your wonderful comments about ‘Lovell’s Day’. Since we were out of town reading what you wrote was great. Now we get to celebrate ‘Cowley Day’ and yes the parade is the best part for us to. You feel about our American flag just like me. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I am so proud of our town spirit during the summer celebrations. Everyone is so happy and excited to welcome family, friends and those traveling through town. It shows what a close community we have.
    It is so fun to drive my Dad’s hotrod in the parade, but I have to agree with Sarah that it’s even more fun to see the reaction from the “little boys” in the crowds both big and small who give us the thumbs up and want me to rev it up! My grandson said it best when he asked if I’m going to drive papa’s hotrod, varooom! Varooooom!
    See you all at Cowley Day’s! Life is good.


  3. Sarah Johnson says:

    i love our community with a population of 500 but a town spirit of a million!!!!!


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