Casual Friday

Whew….it’s a hot one today!  The high today is 96 and it has to be about that now.  It has been a wild week here at Johnson Home and Land.  Jyl is on vacation and when one of our team members is gone things are a little out of sync.   Not terrible by any means,  just out of sync. We miss Jyl (and will continue to next week) but we know it is her turn to take some much needed time off.  Strange things happen without her…for instance mail goes out without postage… two. days. in. a. row.  I let the phone keep ringing and ringing and then remember there is no one else here to answer it.  I am such a creature of habit.

Anyway….we usually try to remember to “celebrate” casual Fridays around here.  We have to be careful though because in the west everyday tends to be a bit more casual than other parts of the country.  After all black Wranglers are considered a critical piece of a tuxedo here.  So….casual Friday can take on a whole new meaning out west.   It is kinda nice to bring in the weekend by dressing down for work but there are limits.  Dressing professionally for work has always been a pretty big deal to me.  I started out in this business very young and was attempting to establish credibility from the get go.  I was only 21 and did NOT want to be mistaken for a teenager.  So the habit of dressing up for work became  a discipline for me.  It helped me to persevere on the hard days.  Once you are dressed in your best business suit with matching jewelery and high heals….you are not tempted to crawl back into bed and call in dead.   When you are self-employed and work on a commission only basis being disciplined is the name of the game.

So…that is my take on casual Friday…..I may dress a little more casual one day a week but overall I just plain feel better in my “work” clothes.   Even though I don’t take casual Fridays to an extreme….I like the concept here on the blog.  I am thinking of starting a series of  “lighter” more casual blog topics to be posted on Fridays.  What do you think?  Chime in….we’d love to hear from ya!

Sarah Johnson

About Sarah Johnson

Johnson Home and Land is a small but active real estate firm in rural northwest Wyoming. We are an experienced team of professionals who want to walk along side you in your housing journey. If you are thinking about buying, selling, renting or investing we are here to help. Contact us at or 307-548-6909
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