Master Closet or Nightmare Storage

Fall has been here for many weeks.  We’ve also enjoyed the extended time of beautiful warm weather, not too hot, not too cool, but just right!  However, if past weather history continues the time will come that the temps will cool off.

When the real winter finally arrives I’ll probably have to admit it’s time to take the summer clothes out of my closet and get out the boxes of sweaters.  Yes, they’re packed in boxes at the bottom of the closet in the corner.  It’s time for the semi annual tradition of unpacking the boxes labeled out of season clothes and switch the sweaters for the shorts and t-shirts.  It’s always a warm fuzzy seeing the warm sweaters and flannel shirts once again.  I’m reminded that snow shoeing isn’t far off.

This brings me back to the title of this blog…the closet.  I’ve enclosed a link showing what a closet can be.  click here

The more organized the space, the more functional it is.  The goal is not to just see how much stuff we can shove in, but to be able to find what’s in there!  With that said, this weekend my goal is to actually pass on some things I don’t use instead of continue to store them for posterity.  Every season my closet gets a little more organized.

Here’s an interesting concept.  We don’t have to have our house on the market to have a clean, organized closet!

Jyl Duffy

About Jyl Duffy

I love being a REALTOR and Office Administrator for Johnson Home and Land. There's no place like home here in Wyoming. This is home even though I enjoyed living in Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Carolina previously. With my husband, Dave, when we're not busy working we enjoy our Christian activities and being out of doors fly fishing, camping, golfing or snow shoeing. Wyoming is the best place to be for our active outdoor lifestyle.
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2 Responses to Master Closet or Nightmare Storage

  1. Jyl, Tell us more about snowshoeing. I’m looking for a winter hobby that will get me out of the house. Is there a place to rent the equipment? Or a place that you would recommend for beginners?
    Thanks! Lisa


    • jyld says:

      Lisa, snow shoeing is a delightful winter hobby that gives beautiful, peaceful surroundings, fresh air and good exercise all at once. You can rent shoes from a sporting good store and then purchase some very inexpensively. Where to go is up to your imagination since any snowcovered field or road is all you need. I’ve enjoyed following snowmobile trails in the Big Horns and hiking trails around Wapiti. Plus, we have actual snow shoeing trails near Pahaska Teepee all within an hour of home. See you outside!


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