Christmas Season Attitudes: Joy to the World or Grinch

Are you saying “Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!” or “Bah! Humbug!” this time of year? Maybe a little of each? Have you thought ” I wish Christmas was over”? Why is that? This is a subject we all talk about. I don’t know about other countries, but here in the good ole U.S.A. we all seem to lead lives that are too busy. Then, when the Christmas holidays come along we’re twice as busy, if that’s even possible. No wonder we stress.

The difference between our personal Norman Rockwell idea of perfection and our reality is naturally a chasm. We set ourselves up for disappointment with our unreasonable expectations. I’ve read that no matter how much money we have, we think we need and would be happy with 20% more…so let’s keep finances, jobs, etc. out of the equation.

For better and worse, spending Christmas with family and friends is partially what Christmas is about. Many people are alone for Christmas for a variety of reasons. Do they have anything to be merry about? YES!

It’s up to each of us what our attitudes are, this time of year like any other. Let’s each choose to be thankful, kind, loving and respectful to all we encounter, especially in this season.

What is Christmas really all about to you?  What is your reason for the season?

Jyl Duffy

About Jyl Duffy

I love being a REALTOR and Office Administrator for Johnson Home and Land. There's no place like home here in Wyoming. This is home even though I enjoyed living in Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Carolina previously. With my husband, Dave, when we're not busy working we enjoy our Christian activities and being out of doors fly fishing, camping, golfing or snow shoeing. Wyoming is the best place to be for our active outdoor lifestyle.
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3 Responses to Christmas Season Attitudes: Joy to the World or Grinch

  1. Since becoming an adult, (I think so…right mom?) I’ve had the Cindy-Lou-Who Attitude when it comes to Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I love the shiney & sparkley part of Christmas, but it all really boils down to the most important part of Christmas isn’t the hoopla, it’s about family, friends and mankind, giving of yourself and honoring whoes birthday we are really celebrating!


  2. Sarah Johnson says:

    Thanks Jyl. I really need to hear that today…and I mean that with GREAT sincerity!


  3. Paula Morse says:

    Thanks, Jyl, for this. And thank you Johnson Land for the lovely gift basket. I’m pretty sure I can find a use for everything!

    Blessings all, this Christmas Season! Enjoy what each day offers and don’t worry about what is not.



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