A Trip Down Memory Lane….Part II

While I was at real estate school in Cheyenne I was perplexed that several people were receiving cards, flowers and other well wishes from….their broker. Finally I asked someone how they could have a “broker” if they hadn’t yet fulfilled all of their requirements for licensing.  They explained to me that they were referring to the broker who had recruited them and sponsored them for the classes.  I played it cool as they went on about how, when, why and where they were recruited but inside I was thinking….”I didn’t know you could do  that part first.”

So when I finally received that little piece of paper in the mail… I knew my celebration should be short and I should get busy trying to recruit a broker.  The first broker I interviewed said no to me so nicely that I ended up thanking him on my way out the door.  He told me I needed to get a 4-door car, gave me a book to read and suggested I talk to the broker of the Century 21 office in Powell.

So just 3 years removed from high school I returned to my hometown, in my 4 door car,  to try to find a broker willing to take on a 21 year old rookie agent with loads of……enthusiasm.  I stopped by Century 21 Sunlight Agency hoping to introduce myself to the broker,  Laura Birky.  She was out of the office but I was determined so I persisted stopping by a few times a week hoping to catch her.  Time was getting short for me to get my sponsorship application signed and back to the real estate commission so I thought I’d be more assertive and set a firm appointment.   When I arrived for my appointment Laura was out because she had a family emergency in California.  I waited another week or so and when I went back I asked if she had returned from California.  Good news!  She was back.  Bad news…..she was in the local hospital with appendicitis.  Laura was in pretty rough shape for awhile and I could see that her friends in the office were concerned. I knew I needed to give her enough time to get back on her feet.  By now the agents had to be wondering what the deal was with the girl who stops by the office every other day.

Just days before that little piece of paper that changed my life was to expire and become worthless; I stopped by the office and Laura was in.  I made a quick introduction and she said she was just leaving to go check on some construction in progress.   I blurted it out…  “I’LL RIDE WITH YOU! I mean, would it be alright if I rode along with you?”   Laura seemed a little  intrigued by my…..desperation.  She agreed but  she told me that her office was full and that she was not recruiting new agents.  There was that word coming back to haunt me again.   So I plead my case…..”I won’t take up much space,  I have wanted to sell real estate all my life,  I’ll work really hard and try not to get you in any trouble”……and then my closing line…..”I have 2 more days to get this application signed…..

…To Be Continued


About Sarah Johnson

Johnson Home and Land is a small but active real estate firm in rural northwest Wyoming. We are an experienced team of professionals who want to walk along side you in your housing journey. If you are thinking about buying, selling, renting or investing we are here to help. Contact us at sarah@johnsonhomeandland.com or 307-548-6909
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1 Response to A Trip Down Memory Lane….Part II

  1. Glo Reetz says:

    I loved this! Great job I look forward for more trips down memory lane.


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