What’s Happening With Lovell, Wyoming Real Estate?

If this is your question….you came to the right place to get it answered.  We are comfortably settled into our new office and we have lots going on around here. Specifically we have lots of property for sale.  A good inventory is wonderful because it gives buyers a nice selection.  A reasonable amount of inventory is actually good for the market because buyers tend to be less apprehensive about purchasing if they have several homes to choose from.  If only one home on the market meets their needs, they may wait because they really want to compare before committing.

I am thrilled to report that we have a couple of commercial properties under contract and if all goes as planned Lovell will have a Family Dollar Store this fall! I have been excited to be apart of this process and watching our community grow. In larger communities, some agents specialize in commercial real estate and other specialize in farm/ranch while still others concentrate on residential.  In a smaller community like ours we work every category of real estate. We are specialists in our area rather than any certain type of real estate.

We have recently taken on a couple of wonderful farms.  One is a 320 acre farm with a creek running through it near Shell, Wyoming which is at the base of  the Big Horn Mountains.  The other is 460 acre farm near Powell, Wyoming.  Both of these properties have houses and lots of features that are unique to each.

We have several affordable homes right now that would fit well with the current first time home buyers programs that are available.  Interest rates are still very favorable.  I received  a rate sheet from a bank this morning that quoted 4.625  for a 30 year conventional home loan.  Great interest rates is one of the main factors that is driving the Lovell, Wyoming real estate market right now.

We also have some very well priced higher end homes that are perfect for folks who need something a little larger and have some specifics they are looking for in a home.

Overall things are looking up for a great summer selling season.  We have had a wet spring which means things will be green and beautiful.  We look forward to finding the right buyer for each of our listings this summer!  Talk to you again soon!

Take care,

Sarah Johnson



About Sarah Johnson

Johnson Home and Land is a small but active real estate firm in rural northwest Wyoming. We are an experienced team of professionals who want to walk along side you in your housing journey. If you are thinking about buying, selling, renting or investing we are here to help. Contact us at sarah@johnsonhomeandland.com or 307-548-6909
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