Pinterest vs. Time Management

Oh my goodness.  After a new year full of resolutions I discovered something that attempted to mock all my efforts to improve time management. Pinterest. I realized when my husband asked what it was how terribly difficult it is to explain to someone who has not….discovered it.  “It’s a web site with stuff on it…really good stuff….and you pin it to a cork board but not a real one a virtual one.”   Here is what I mean by “good stuff.”   I’d like to spend the first hour of every day right….here.

And from that quaint little retreat I would glance up from my tea and book and watch the sun coming up and reflecting off the marbles I put in my fence holes making a brilliant sun catcher.

The ideas are endless and I even have a way to incorporate this….discovery into my time management scheme.  I learned in a Richard Flint class many years ago to break your daily to do’s into 3’s.  The first task is the one you might be tempted to procrastinate.  The most unpleasant task of the day is first.  Get it over with right off the bat. Then number 2 is something you have to do but don’t necessarily mind doing.  The third item on each mini-list is a personal reward.  Make an appointment for that massage you’ve been wanting….or spend 10 minutes on Pinterest.  (Be sure to set a timer or you will be sucked in to the abyss) Organize your day in as many sets of three as necessary.  You will be amazed at the end of the day how much you were able to accomplish and how good you feel.   Give this time management system a try and then tell me if it works for you.

Happy Friday to you all!

Sarah Johnson


About Sarah Johnson

Johnson Home and Land is a small but active real estate firm in rural northwest Wyoming. We are an experienced team of professionals who want to walk along side you in your housing journey. If you are thinking about buying, selling, renting or investing we are here to help. Contact us at or 307-548-6909
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