Storage Ideas and More!

The first day back from Thanskgiving break and we are ready to hit the ground running.  Our new website went live just as I was winding down for the long weekend.  We had two people set up accounts and one person request a relocation packet.  I was thrilled at that level of response on a Holiday weekend with almost no marketing or promotion of the new site.

Fun and useful storage ideas are something I have been wanting to blog about for quite awhile.  Often times when I take a look at someone’s home and offer suggestings for making it show it’s best…..I suggest that they pre-pack a percentage of their personal belongings.  Usually my recommendation is about 50 percent.  People who like to have a lot of their personal effects within sight and enjoy various collections are sometimes asked to pre-pack up to 80%.  This can be challanging especially for folks who have not yet purchased the next home.  Therefore….I also want to offer storage option will will give the home an overall neatness and appeal without undue strain on our sellers.  Over the next few weeks I will be sharing more ideas with you and letting you know which idea have been a hit (or a bomb) in my own home.  The first problem area I will address is……under the kitchen sink.

Check out this handy nugget. It is a portion of a shoe holder attached at the top of the cupboard door by a small dowell hanging on 2 stick on hooks.  Quick, easy and inexpensive!  Making more room under the sink is great idea….plus the added convienence of  “grab and go” rather than “dig and drag.”   If you give this a try and it works for you….let me know.  I’d love to hear from you!

Bye for now!



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