Decorating Tips for the Holiday Season

First of I must confess that I don’t decorate my home until about 2 weeks before Christmas. I am a firm believer that Thanksgiving should get its own time and so in my home it gets at least as many decorations and as much time and attention as Christmas does.  This year we even had a Thanksgiving tree where we each wrote what we are thankful for on a colorful leaf and hung it on a bundle of tree limbs in a vase.    It was a bit pathetic looking but at least it was meaningful.

Here are some helpful tips for decorating your home for Christmas.

  • For every Christmas item you put out take one item and store it away until after the Holidays. This will keep your home from feeling packed and cluttered.
  • Do not feel like you need to put up every Christmas item you own every year.
  • Explore the idea of putting out and taking down your Christmas decorations gradually.  Every day (or every weekend) in December put up a few decorations.  When it’s time to take them down….do the same.  It makes the transition authentic and less shocking to the system.
  • If you have a grouping or a display that you particularly like….snap a photo and keep it on hand for next year.  Ideally put the photo in the box of decorations so you can easily arrange the display again.
  • If you have a wall hanging that doesn’t match your seasonal decor consider taking it down….wrapping it like a gift complete with ribbons and bows and rehang in the same spot.  You can even do a grouping that way which is kind of fun.  (Warning….if you have small children…..this confuses them and it’s not worth the explanation.  I recommend waiting until they are old enough to understand tasteful Holiday decor! )

I will post some pics of my own decor if I get something I like well enough to share.

Have a great weekend all!


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