Road Trip Revelations

The last thing I said to my assistant as I headed out the door for Casper Monday morning was that I wished I’d have taken the time to get a book on CD or download something for the long drive.  Boy did I need an attitude adjustment!  I was only a few miles down the road switching from one radio station to the next hoping someone would be playing my favorite song when a radio preacher with a very British accent said  ” It’s no wonder we don’t think anymore, we are all half drunk on entertainment.  Our children can’t recognize our own Prime Minister in a photograph but they know who was voted off Dancing with the Stars last night.”  ( I wish I would have caught his name to give him credit here)  At that moment I shut off the radio and pondered that statement.  The rest of my trip was driven in relative silence.  As I attempted to quiet my mind I kept thinking of things I had forgotten to complete before I left.  Each time I would pull over and write them down.

  • I need to send a counter offer to another agent
  • We are out of butter
  • Did I pack my medicine?

The drive home was even better.  As I was leaving Casper city limits my hand kept habitually reaching for the radio dial and I kept telling myself no.  Listen to the quiet.  In the silence my mind starting jumping around like a steel ball inside a pinball machine again.  I was remembering my very first  Realtor convention and wondering…

  • was that in 1996 or 97?
  • I forgot to stop at the mall and pick up a couple pairs of jeans for my 8 year old son.  (His name is Noah so I CAN’T let him go around with pants that are too short.)
  • I wish I’d have had the wisdom and insight Leigh Brown taught about 20 year ago.

I actually visualized my thoughts as this out of control ping pong ball.  Then I realized I have 4 hours ahead of me today with virtually no distraction so it’s okay to just allow my mind to wander and ponder.  In Wyoming there are no billboards and just a couple of miles out of town you can see nothing but desert and sky as far as the eye can see.  It goes on like that for 99 miles.

Phone 2 037

It was a process as my mind gradually slowed.  I was able to complete one thought and then another rather than continually forcing myself back to focusing on the task at hand.  A couple of hours into it I had absolutely no unfinished mental business and it felt so good.

Then in the Wind River Canyon I was able to be totally captivated by the magnificent beauty that I was surrounded by. I can’t even believe how blessed I am to live so near this beauty.

Phone 2 041

It was at about this point that I had a few road trip revelations

  • Life moves at the speed of whatever pace I choose.
  • My productivity and my mental pace are inversely related.
  • I need to allow my mind to wander WAY more often.

If you ever need to clear your head….I highly recommend a drive across Wyoming!

Casual bus photo

Sarah Johnson

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1 Response to Road Trip Revelations

  1. Sandi Shearer says:

    All very well said, Sarah! Thanks for the reminder.


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