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Home Matters

Our homes are the roof over our heads but aren’t they so much more than that? Continue reading

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You Are What You Read

Self discipline is an area that can always be improved upon and I don’t think anyone gets beyond what this book teaches. Continue reading

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8 Inexpensive Ways Sellers can Improve Their Curb Quotient

Curb appeal has been a buzz word in real estate for a long time.  The concept of an attractive “drive by” quotient is becoming more critical.  Buyers don’t load up their agent’s Cadillac and go out for an afternoon of … Continue reading

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Is Real Estate Data Valuable to YOU?

Or is it the interpretation of that data that adds value to a consumer, a patient, or an investor?   If my financial advisor gave me a couple of prospectuses and asked me how I want to invest my retirement funds they would not bring … Continue reading

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What “Boomers” Really Want

When I took a class on generational marketing and trends a few years ago at the National Association of REALTORS convention I was listing to an instructor teaching us about how the retirement of the Baby Boom generation was going to affect … Continue reading

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Question of the Day: What’s a Mortgage Underwriter?

If you are not in the real estate industry and have purchased a home a few times in your life….like the typical American you may not be familiar with the term…..underwriter. Not underwire….underwriter!  If you go down and chat with … Continue reading

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I Love This Week!

I love the week between Christmas and the New Year.  When my brain is not moving 100 miles an hour…I love to reflect on the past. As I  “commute” from Cowley to Lovell and back  I like to reminisce about the past … Continue reading

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