A Trip Down Memory Lane

I’m  starting a series of posts as we lead up to Johnson Home and Land’s 10th  Anniversary.  It has a  been a time for me  to  reflect on my 16 year real estate career.  First…let’s set the stage.

I have wanted to be a real estate broker almost as long as I can remember.  I got a taste of the business through my dad’s sister, Aunt Darlene, who operated a successful firm in Glen Dale, WV. She let me tag along to open houses and hang out in her office.  I was hooked! Say hello to Aunt Darlene….aka Dar.

After high school I  wanted to go into real estate right away but my mom encouraged me to go to  Northwest College first.  This is my mom!

I majored in business administration and then married the man of my dreams, Rob Johnson,  in July of 1994.  Here is our engagement photo.

A few months later I contacted Dennis Brothers, a local banker and family friend about an unsecured loan to fund the first step of my dream. I had some financial history with Dennis being as I had borrowed $1000 to buy a 1971 Volkswagen Bug when I was 16. 😉  Dennis was gracious and he might have felt a little sorry for me.  Regardless….he loaned me the money and  with Rob’s full support  I registered for the Wyoming Real Estate Institute’s pre-license classes. As the day for me to leave for Cheyenne approached, one of our vehicles broke down and then the other.  I had no transportation until my parents in law,  Bob and Sharon Johnson,  helped make arrangements for me to catch a ride with someone who was headed down for the broker version of the same class.  I got a ride to Cheyenne with Oscar Hill.

My instructor was Bruce Burkhart who stunned me with his real estate knowledge.  I was shocked to realize what all I didn’t know!    I was a sponge and I took in more new information that I thought possible.

The testing company used to mail our tests off  for scoring so I stalked the Cowley post office for two weeks until a little slip of paper finally came in the mail and changed my life!    I managed to save it all these years.

One hurdle down.  Now all I had to do was find a broker to hire me.  That should be no problem….right?  To be continued…..

Sarah Johnson

About Sarah Johnson

Johnson Home and Land is a small but active real estate firm in rural northwest Wyoming. We are an experienced team of professionals who want to walk along side you in your housing journey. If you are thinking about buying, selling, renting or investing we are here to help. Contact us at sarah@johnsonhomeandland.com or 307-548-6909
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4 Responses to A Trip Down Memory Lane

  1. John Cooley says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I loved your story about getting your license. What great memories. I only wish you had been in my class.

    I hope your market is recovering well in Powell.

    Best Regards,


  2. Sarah Johnson says:

    Hi John! The market is pretty good here right now and we are thankful for that. The first time I met you was at the cocktail party you put on right after I took the test. That was fun!


  3. Sharon Johnson says:

    Sarah, I can’t believe it has been ten years. You have done so well in your real estate business. Your parents-in-law are very proud of all you you done. Keep up the good work.


  4. Sarah Johnson says:

    Thanks so much!


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